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Since its inception in 1992, the association carried out a medical skill during its missions through to the availability and the dedication of many doctors, pharmacists and nurses. Every year, they provide care and treatment to underprivileged populations of Nepal and India. Throughout the year, these populations also benefit from local partnerships established over meetings. From mission to mission, they can measure the impact of their actions in each site where the association operates.

 A Humanitarian management team analyses needs to ensure conditions for a decent life. The sites do not have the same expectations since they differ in people who live in. Here, education will have to be developed, there, buildings will have to be constructed to ensure safety or provide the necessary hygiene for a better quality of life.
At last, the supply and quality of drinking water were identified as a priority in all our sites, and are therefore particularly monitored.

 They are Nepali, Indian, Bhutanese or Tibetan children, teen-agers but also elderly.
They need you and us. For you, few letters and a financial support, for us handing your sponsorship and a report with a letter and photos keeping you informed of  how  the person you sponsor changes. Thanks to this relationship and with your support, their future will be completely transformed. Do not hesitate, give them renewed trust and hope, be a sponsor!





Il Divo's Costa Rican Girls

Thanks for visit our website!! ^_^


Gracias por visitar nuestro website !! ^_^

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